Friday, November 14, 2008

Not in your Sears Catalog

Schroedinger's Dishwasher: No one knows if the dishes are clean or not!

Schroedinger's Percolator: No one knows if it makes decaf or not!

Schroedinger's Toaster: No one knows if the toast is done...aren't all toasters like this?

Schroedinger's Toilet: No one knows if it has been flu......ewww

Schroedinger's Mailbox: Not approved by the postal service, to say the least.

Schroedinger's Vending Machine: It will eat your change. This is certain.

Schroedinger's Bullshit: No one knows if it is true.

Schroedinger's Shower: See "Second Degree Burns"

Schroedinger's Pregnancy Test: .....oh god....


Zachisyourdaddy said...

"Say, isn't that Schrodinger's Dress you're wearing? I don't suppose there's a chance that perhaps later on I might get to collapse your waveform?"

verbalVomit said...

That reminds me of the the old "hey baby, wanna go and integrate our curves?" joke.