Thursday, May 21, 2009

Ridiculous Fields

Due to my research job, I could call myself a "Computational Neuorichthyologist."  What is your ridiculous title?


Jay Byrd said...

Clinical Neurosciences Technician

verbalVomit said...

Is that supposed to be a cool term for someone that does EEGs or something?

PsylocyBit said...

I have a friend who aspires to be a Theoretical Neuroanthropologist. I don't know that it sounds ridiculous, but it sounds like bullshit.

The ridiculousness of your title lies in the ichthyologist part. Some of us aren't so lucky. BTW, I googled it, and you are unique. In the process, I also found you misspelled 'Neuro'.

As for myself, I suppose I could be called a (also google-unique) Field Experimental Cognitive Primatologist. Which doesn't sound nearly as ridiculous as yours. When I say primatologist, some people think it's a medical specialization.

Just found you via xkcd. You have some funny shit. Why no more posts?

brainHacker said...

@PsylocyBit: AhH!!! how embarrassing!

Unfortunately, I don't have as much time to think of silly and random things in grad school. Although it only takes seconds to write stuff, the kind of things that inspire posts happen less often. Thanks for enjoying, I can't believe I haven't posted since September!